Podcast Episode: Flow State Podcast ~ Histamine & PMDD

What even is histamine and what do allergies have to do with PMDD?

"Functional dietitian expert Mandy Rother, RDN, LDN sits down with us again to talk about some histamine issues – its role in PMS or PMDD and so much more!"

We cover:

  • What is histamine?
  • What role do histamines have in PMS or PMDD?
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Are histamines the root of PMS or PMDD for everyone?
  • Distinguish between histamine intolerance & Mast Cell Activation
  • What’s the connection between gut health and histamine intolerance?
  • What role do genetics play when it comes to PMDD?
  • How can we use genetics as a tool to support treatment of PMDD?

Catch the episode here.

Is this you? Interested in a functional approach to PMDD? Schedule a chat here

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Podcast Episode: Flow State Podcast

Do you feel like you've run out of options?

Join Mandy, Monica & Norah on the Flow State Podcast. We dive in to the functional approach to PMDD & why it can be more effective than other forms of treatment often recommended for PMDD.

Have you tried everything and still feel no relief from your symptoms? This episode is for you!

We cover:

  • Mandy's personal story with PMDD
  • What's the difference between PMS and PMDD?
  • The important first steps to take if you suspect you have PMDD
  • Can I have PMDD and other conditions?
  • Why the functional approach is different & why it works

Catch the episode here.

Interested in a functional approach to PMDD? Schedule a chat here

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Podcast Episode: PMDD Healing Podcast


Join Mandy and Charisma Whitefeather on the PMDD Healing Podcast. We dive in to why a brain-body approach makes all the difference when it comes to symptom relief from PMDD.

Got rage? Make sure to tune in for a different perspective on both the physiology AND the psychology behind rage and anger.

We cover:

  • Why a root-cause approach is so important when healing from PMDD
  • How our menstrual cycle impacts our brain chemistry and our nutrition needs
  • Why even if PMDD "runs in your family" you're not doomed to suffer forever.

Catch the episode here.

Interested to learn more? Check out the PMDD: Why Me? free workshop replay here!

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A new way of journaling for PMDD, that's not all about the SYMPTOMS.

It's time to call a truce with PMDD. 

If you missed the most recent workshop, we talked about stopping the fight against PMDD symptoms with band-aid solutions.  (You can register for the replay here.)

That starts by listening to symptoms with curiosity. Symptoms = information

Symptoms are the language of the body. They are more like warning lights, begging for our attention and care. 

While symptom tracking is essential both for diagnosis and gauging the effectiveness of any type of treatment, we talked about ZOOMING OUT and seeing what other information the cycle has to offer. I know, I know... that's a tall order when symptoms cast their shadow over everything. But with curiosity, you may be surprised about what you discover. 


We are CYCLICAL BEINGS living in a non-cyclical world. 

What the heck does that mean?

Our bodies, needs, capacity, limits, and strengths are DIFFERENT throughout the cycle. Yet, we are conditioned to...

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Healing PMDD Starts with Connection

Welcome to the PMDD Periodical! I'm glad you stumbled across this page. 

As a dietitian, I sometimes feel this weighted expectation to start with the obvious. Everyone expects a dietitian to write posts about a must-have nutrient, a superfood that’s good for this and that, or a supplement with big benefits. 

But we do things differently around here.

There’s a time and a place to delve into important nutrition topics and we will do just that here. We believe in a comprehensive approach that incorporates food as medicine, data-driven interventions, strategic supplements, and a mind-body approach. 

But there’s something more foundational than any of those things that we must talk about first.


One of the biggest joys in my career is partnering with determined individuals to help them reclaim their lives from PMDD so that they can live out their purpose. And as much as I'd love to meet you for coffee and give you a big hug (if you're a hugger,...

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Podcast Episode: The PMDD Podcast

Curious about a comprehensive functional medicine and nutrition approach to PMDD? Join host Adriana ‘Fudge’ Tantau and I as we chat about: 

  • My story of trial and error and how I found my passion for serving others with PMDD
  • Why conventional treatments may help at first and then have diminishing returns for some
  • Essential biomarkers of health to help guide a personalized and comprehensive approach
  • Explore the connection between trauma and PMDD
  • Why being "vagal fit" is essential if you have PMDD 

Click here to listen or find it on your favorite podcast app. 

If you're looking for the workshop mentioned in this podcast, you can find it here.


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Podcast Episode: Functional Dietitian's Approach to PMDD

Check out this Power Over PMDD podcast episode!

I join host Rebecca Sairs to discuss:

  • My personal PMDD story 
  • Why searching for the "magic pill" is holding you back
  • Common causes of PMDD
  • How I went from suffering every month to symptom-free years with a root-cause approach 

Click here to listen or find on your favorite podcast app. 

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Recently diagnosed with PMDD? Here are 5 ways to get started.

If you’ve already been diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), it requires no definition. You’re all too familiar with the monthly tidal wave that takes you out each month with symptoms ranging from severe mood changes, irritability, and rage to debilitating physical changes like headaches, cravings, and breast tenderness. It’s like PMS on steroids. Or perhaps you’re just starting to notice the cyclical nature of your symptoms and are wondering if there’s more to it.

While PMDD affects about 5% of people who menstruate, it’s possible that many more go undiagnosed or are misdiagnosed with conditions like bipolar disorder. Plus, we often assume these symptoms are common, normal, or that we just need to survive until the storm passes. It doesn’t help that research on PMDD is playing catch up. From what we know so far, there’s not one single cause or cure. Rather, it’s a complex condition with multiple contributing...

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