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Hey there, I'm Mandy

I'm a functional registered dietitian and PMDD Warrior. I help menstruators achieve peaceful periods and balanced moods with a comprehensive holistic approach so they can live out their purpose, all month long. In my own journey, I went from rock-bottom to welcoming my cycle with open arms. I'm so grateful to now help others do the same by combining my data-driven process and trauma-informed approach with compassionate coaching. 

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Our Mission

We are all fundamentally healthy. But when we’re overwhelmed by debilitating symptoms, we see our bodies as broken. I know firsthand how daunting it feels to try and put the pieces back together on your own. 

You don't have to walk through the forest alone... with no map and no compass. Yet only YOU can decide if a treatment or approach aligns with your values and needs. 

That's why we create YOUR roadmap together with you. You stay in the driver's seat while we help you navigate evidence-based practices, driven by data and your unique needs. 

Our official mission is this:

To bridge the gap between conventional and holistic healthcare by offering data-driven mind-body solutions that empower individual choice, within a community that supports healing. 

By combining a root-cause approach with strategic action, you'll soon find yourself saying, “Wow, so this is how I am supposed to feel!?!” 


Mandy Rother, RD
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How Mandy got here:

As a child, significant digestive issues landed me in the hospital and at the doctor’s office countless times with no clear answers. As a young adult, I struggled with mood and hormone issues that disrupted my life, every single month. When I noticed the impact that exercise, food, and mindset had on my own health, I decided to pursue a career that allowed me to help connect these dots for others.

Fascinated with the connection between the mind and body, I studied both nutrition and psychology at Concordia College and Pennsylvania State University. While I kicked off my career in the supermarket industry on the East Coast and then working overseas in the Middle East at a wellness spa, I've spent most of my career in the health and fitness industry. 

My eyes truly opened to the power of functional nutrition when I started exploring deeper solutions to my own health issues including PMDD, IBS, PCO, anxiety, and depression. Since then, I’ve devoted countless hours to studying integrative and functional nutrition therapy.

Before founding Reveal Functional Nutrition, I led the national team of dietitians for a premier wellness company and served as the go-to dietitian for VIP and complex cases. I’ve reviewed literally thousands of lab assessments and have seen the power of data in cutting out the guesswork and creating protocols unique to each individual's physiology. 

With almost 15 years of experience, 5 years of education to become a dietitian, plus 5 additional years of intensive study and mentorship in functional medicine nutrition therapy, my method combines a data-driven and trauma-informed approach with compassionate coaching. 

Today, I work with clients and groups virtually to help them re-discover peaceful periods and balanced moods through a functional medicine nutrition approach. I'm so glad you're here!

Mandy Rother, RD

On a personal note...

I believe in getting real with my clients—I’m not perfect and don’t expect you to be either. As a busy working mom with an energetic preschooler, teenage stepson and infant twins, I totally get the challenges that come with a chaotic family and work life. And don’t worry—as an average cook (at best) myself, we’ll focus on quick meal solutions and practical strategies to support your nutrition plan.

When I’m not serving clients, I feed my soul with family time, music, and movement. I start my days with morning snuggles with the fam and a quick meditation to focus my mind. I feel most alive whenever music is involved, whether it’s playing violin with an orchestra, listening to punk rock while lifting weights, or dancing salsa (that’s how I met my Mister!). And while I love a good mystery novel, you’re just as likely to find me reading research articles or attending functional medicine courses. I know the more I learn, the better I can support my clients in their pursuit of optimal health.

Enough about me.... More about you!

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