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Do feel like PMDD is stealing half your life every month?

Work with your body - instead of against it - to achieve peaceful periods & balanced moods all month long.

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PMDD creates a vicious cycle.

You crash, pick yourself back up again, and then spend the rest of the month picking up after the storm. 

At War with Body

Do you feel at war with your body because you're constantly battling unpredictable moods, cravings, and fatigue?

PMDD Robs You of Your Life

Does PMDD rob you of 1-2 weeks of your life every month, making work, parenting, and relationships even harder?

Tired of Hiding Behind a Mask

Are you tired of hiding behind a mask and suffering in silence just to get through the day or perform at work?

Exhausted and Overwhelmed from Guessing

Are you exhausted or overwhelmed from guessing and trying diet or supplement changes with limited success?

You are not broken.

 It is possible to feel different.

It's time to dig deeper & uncover the resilience that's been there all along.

For many, it takes years to be diagnosed and a diagnosis can bring relief and clarity of FINALLY knowing why you feel the way you do. But after trying multiple treatment options with minimal relief, that diagnosis can start to feel like a life sentence.

Your diagnosis doesn’t have to define your life. Rather, it’s a sounding board for exploring your unique root cause. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your life where you’re not defined or limited by your diagnosis:

Stable Moods & Energy

You experience stable moods, energy, and resilience all month long so your real personality can shine through. 

Peaceful Periods All Month Long

You no longer live in fear of your next cycle. Your period isn't enemy and comes and goes without upheaving your life.

Nourish with Confidence

You nourish your body with confidence and stop wasting time and money trying every diet or supplement out there.

Food Freedom & Flexibility

You eat with freedom and flexibility, no longer driven by cravings and trying to get "back on track" the rest of the month.

I've been there too.

I was diagnosed with PMDD 15 years ago and my own story has included everything from dark rock bottoms to symptom-free months. On top of that, I had been dealing with IBS, PCOS, and depression for years. I was fed up with conventional band-aid solutions and decided to forge my own path. 

All my trial and error early on led me to a path of studying and practicing integrative & functional nutrition. For the longest time I felt broken and at war with my body. Once I started listening and working with my body instead of against it, my healing journey truly began. Over time, I was able to put my metabolic puzzle together for a comprehensive approach to relief. Now I help other Warriors do the same. 

Mandy Rother Personalized Nutrition
About Mandy

"I have my life back. I'm not depressed and my suicidal ideation is pretty much nonexistent now. I feel motivated."

I had been trying different antidepressants and they did not help reduce my symptoms. I felt like I was running out of options to effectively manage PMDD. After working with Mandy, I have my life back. I'm not depressed, and my suicidal ideation is pretty much nonexistent now. I feel motivated and excited to live my life. 


"Good days" are the norm. I feel I'm now much more prepared to take on the challenge of motherhood."

I was dealing with poor gut health, headaches, hormone imbalances, and PMDD symptoms. I now notice less anxiety and stress, less depressive symptoms, and "good days" are the norm. She maximizes the value of your time and money; I was able to make huge, noticeable improvements in just a few months.


"I think it's such a huge bonus when someone has been there, struggled with the same things and really knows."

I felt on the edge of a mental and physical collapse. After much trial and error, I finally found Mandy. I'm so thankful to have her as a coach who has truly changed my life! I can now function well at work, at home, and with my family and friends. She really knows how to de-code symptoms and get you the individual help you need.


"I'm a skeptic by nature. I've tried diets and seen doctors without success. Turns out to be the best investment in myself!"

I also have a diagnosis of PCOS and PMDD and have had difficulty with any weight loss no matter how hard I worked out or what diet I followed. For the first time, I have lost a significant amount of weight. All my lab work has improved. I never would have believed I could. Mandy is the best coach I have worked with. 


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We'll take quick action to start getting you relief right away. We'll address key metabolic areas that impact your symptoms like nutrient status, blood sugar regulation, and neuroinflammation. We'll outline essential habits and supplements to lay the foundation for the rest of our work together. 


Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, we’ll cut out the guess work with deeper assessments. From nutrigenomics to neurotransmitters, we'll prioritize which tests you need to reveal your unique metabolic puzzle. This allows us to knock down the barriers in the way of your goals.


No plan is the same! We’ll connect the dots between your symptoms and what we uncover with your assessments. My whole-person approach addresses the emotional and metabolic barriers standing in your way so you can make faster progress. We'll dig deep for lasting relief.


With peaceful periods and balanced moods, you are UNSTOPPABLE! You’ve worked hard to get to this point so maintaining your progress is KEY. We'll create sustainable and flexible strategies to maintain your progress so you can live your purpose. 

What's next?

After submitting your application, we'll hop on the phone for a 30-minute Strategy Session. We'll get to know each other and review your barriers to success and goals. From there, we'll create a game plan together to help you succeed. 

We'll be tackling big changes together. My most successful clients commit to a longer-term coaching relationship for the best results. 

It's time to reclaim your life! Are you ready?

I'm ready. Let's talk.
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