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PMDD Holiday Survival Guide (or any event during your luteal phase)

If you have PMDD, you're probably used to looking ahead at your calendar to see where an event or obligation falls within your cycle.
When do upcoming events fall within your menstrual cycle? You may have already looked, or perhaps you're opening up your cycle app right now thinking, "Oh sh*t...". This may be especially true if you experience symptoms during your luteal phase (the second half of your cycle between ovulation and your bleed). 
Fear not, my dear friend! You're not alone in that. With a plan and some key strategies, it is possible to not only survive but actually enjoy whatever is coming up on your calendar.
If you're feeling at all nervous about how you'll "handle" an upcoming event or obligation, follow these steps to create more safety in your body, and ultimately, within your cycle.

Plan & Cope ahead.

Whenever you're anticipating a stressful situation or recognizing that an event is occurring during a time of your cycle...
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