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Cravings may feel like the enemy but they actually provide valuable information. Decode the cause of your cravings and learn practical steps to escape survival mode and thrive all month long. 

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Cravings & PMDD

Set Up for Success

Learn how resisting rest and food restriction drive cravings. With preparation, you can exit the chaos of survival mode.

Cravings Cycle

Cravings are not a matter of willpower. Learn why your body and brain are stuck in this cycle and where to start.

Steps & Swaps

Learn why your body wants what it wants and easy swaps for less inflammatory and more nourishing options.

PMDD & Nutrition

Peaceful Periods

Cyclical fluctuations impact our nutrition needs AND our brain chemicals. Balance your plate for each phase.

Why stop at surviving each month?

I know what it's like to survive "Hell Week" each month. You spend half of your life waiting for the storm to pass and the other half picking up after it. It is possible to feel different.

Reveal your root cause so you can resolve PMDD and reclaim your life, once and for all!

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