Ready to finally stop living in fear of your next menstrual cycle?

PMDD: Why me?

Learn how to use a root-cause approach so that you can finally stop guessing and start taking action for peaceful periods and balanced moods.


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LIVE on Thursday, April 21 @ 12pm CST

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Why me?

PMDD/PME comes with a lot of questions: “Why me? What caused this? Is there anything I can do?” While symptoms may be similar, responses to treatments are often not. If standard treatments fall short of full relief or even worsen symptoms, we’re left asking yet another question: “What now?”

PMDD and PME are complex condition with varying contributing causes, like a puzzle. Single remedies often fall short because they simply mask symptoms or fail to fully address the interconnected root causes. Join us to explore a root-cause approach to peaceful periods and start to put the pieces of your puzzle together.


Sound familiar?

You've tried standard treatments but they've fallen short of the relief you know you deserve. Each failed attempt leaves you feeling more hopeless.

You spend hours on Google searches or reading what works for others in online forums. You try it. Nothing happens. You're left asking, "What's wrong with me?"

You're wondering what else you can do but you're not sure where to turn next. Nobody seems to know enough about it or you keep getting the same answers.

Or perhaps you're losing faith in yourself because you can't seem to stick to a plan when sh*t hits the fan during your luteal phase. Why even bother?

Feel like you're stabbing in the dark, trying different medications, supplements, and diets but nothing is working?


A root-cause approach is the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Finally get answers to your questions like:

What causes PMDD? Why me? And will it always be like this, or worse?

Are medications and birth control my only options? Is this as good as it gets?

Why do certain treatments help others but NOT me? Am I doing something wrong?

I try to make changes but it's always one step forward and like 5 back. Should I even bother?

Join us for this FREE workshop to: 

  • Learn the hard truth about why both natural and conventional treatments aren't working well as you'd hoped. (Hint, it's not your fault!)
  • Make an immediate shift that will change the way you experience PMDD.
  • Understand the physiology of PMDD from a cellular and root-cause approach. 
  • Discover the 4-phase framework that's foundational to the success of any treatment approach. 
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Hi, I'm Mandy Rother.

I'm a dietitian and functional medicine nutrition practitioner. I help Warriors achieve peaceful periods and balanced moods so that they can live the life they desire, all month long.

Unlike conventional treatments that mask symptoms with band-aid solutions, together we can create a personalized roadmap for relief. 

The reality is, PMDD is a beast. Everyone responds differently, or sometimes not at all, to treatments. And if you don't have a personalized action plan, you find yourself awaiting menopause or crossing your fingers for a new magical cure.

I struggled with PMDD symptoms for years and know how hopeless it can feel when nothing is working. That's why I created a space for you to learn about a root-cause approach so you can stop guessing and finally live in harmony with your cycle.

Mandy Rother, RDN, LDN,

Integrative & Functional Dietitian

Discover the steps I've taken with Warriors like these to help them finally piece together their PMDD puzzle and welcome their monthly cycle. 

"I didn't have the knowledge or data to figure out what was going on with my body. Mandy uses a data-driven approach to solve her clients’ health issues, rather than taking shots in the dark." -Kathryn

"I've tried diets and seen doctors without success. All my lab work has improved. My doctor is so pleased with what I have accomplished with Mandy. I never would have believed I could." -Chris

"After much trial and error, I finally found Mandy. She really knows how to de-code symptoms and get you the individual help you need. I can now function. I'm a changed person!" -Zoe

"She tailors to each person based on their labs rather than making broad recommendations that may or may not work. I was able to make noticeable improvements in just a few months."

This workshop is for you if...

  • You've ever asked WHY ME?
  • You're fed up with PMDD symptoms robbing you of 1-2 weeks every month.
  • You're wondering why the diet changes and supplements haven't made a damn difference yet.
  • You're curious if there's something missing with your current treatment plan.
  • You want to take the next step but you have no idea where to start. 

Are you ready to go from living in fear to living in flow?

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