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I'm ready.

Ready to stop living in fear of your next menstrual cycle?

PMDD Revealed

Stop guessing and start taking action for peaceful periods and balanced moods. 


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Does this sound like you?

PMDD robs you of 1-2 weeks of your life month after month. You're starting to wonder, "Where does PMDD end and where do I begin?"

Rather than enjoying your "good weeks" you spend that time picking up after the last cycle's mess and living in fear of the next. 

You're wondering what else you can do. Standard treatments either haven't fully worked, or they don't align with what YOU want. 

You're losing faith in yourself because you can't seem to stick to a plan when sh*t hits the fan before your period. 

You've been trying everything you can... and still no relief.

You spend hours Googling or reading what works for others in forums. When it doesn't work you wonder, "What's wrong with me?"

You have a graveyard of supplements tossed aside because they didn't even make a dent in your symptoms. 

You feel isolated because nobody truly gets it, even though they try. You worried they're growing tired of your "other side."

Perhaps you're losing faith in healthcare at large because even professionals don't know enough. The band-aids don't seem to stick.

You are not broken.  

It is possible to feel different.

What if...

...your period could come and go without upheaving your life. With this new stability all month long, who would you be? were able to reduce the number of days that PMDD impacts your life. What would you do if you could get that time back? knew how to decode your symptoms and had tools so you're not left in anticipation of "How bad is it gonna be this month?" could exit the hamster wheel of treatment after treatment. You're able to stick to a plan with flexibility and self-compassion. 

40% of people with PMDD don't respond to "first-line" treatments like birth control & SSRIs.

That's because we are not all the same. New research suggests that there's not a singular pathology or cause to PMDD... so why is the medical field still treating all cases the same?

What would be possible if... stopped guessing and trying what worked for everyone else because you knew how to build a step-by-step plan unique to you. nourished your body with confidence and stopped wasting time and money trying every diet or supplement out there. had support and solidarity from a community of determined individuals, just like you. You could learn and transform together. had expert guidance from a coach that combines evidence-based practices with her lived experience of PMDD. 

Imagine a life not defined by your diagnosis. 

PMDD Revealed is your pathway to put science to work so you can confidently ride the waves of a more peaceful cycle. 
I'm ready to reclaim my life.

Hey, I'm Mandy.

I'm a dietitian and functional medicine nutrition practitioner. I help menstruators achieve peaceful periods and balanced moods with a comprehensive holistic approach so that they can live out their purpose, all month long. 

I was diagnosed with PMDD over 15 years ago back in college, but I suspect it started long before that. On top of that, IBS, PCOS, and depression were worsening my cyclical symptoms. After years of trying therapy and countless SSRIs and birth control, I started to question, "What's wrong with ME?" 

I already had 5 years of education plus 5 years of experience as a dietitian at that point but decided that wasn't enough. Fed up with conventional band-aid solutions, I started intensively studying integrative and functional medicine nutrition therapy for another 5 years and haven't stopped since! 

I was able to piece together my PMDD puzzle with comprehensive root-cause approach. I went from taking medical leave and hitting rock-bottom to welcoming my monthly cycle, month after month and year after year. I now help others do the same. 

I know how hopeless it can feel when nothing is working. That's why I created a space for you to apply this root-cause approach and take strategic steps with the support of a community doing the same.

You don't have to keep losing weeks of your life or awaiting menopause. Relief can happen NOW. With guidance and support, you can call a truce with your period and finally start living. 

Your coach and fellow Warrior, Mandy 

Mandy Rother, RDN, LDN, IFMNT

Functional Dietitian + Founder of Reveal Functional Nutrition


How does it work?

The 4-phase PMDD Revealed system outlines the steps that these determined souls took on their path to recovery.   

It's a LIVE group coaching program with self-paced content, so you can join when the time is right for you. 

Even though this is a group program, everyone has unique needs. That's why each module is designed to help translate what you learn into action and build your personalized roadmap. 

It can be combined with 1-on-1 coaching for an even more individualized approach, driven by lab work and functional assessments.  

Phase 1: Stabilize

Make strategic changes to lay the foundation and gain immediate traction towards relief. No generic PMS advice here. Gain confidence as you implement changes specific to PMDD physiology with REALISTIC tools designed by Warriors FOR Warriors like you who are still in the eye of the storm. 

Phase 2: Soothe

Bio-hack your mood, menstrual cycle, symptoms, and sleep with our gut-brain-hormone approach. Discover new ways to cope in the moment when facing intense emotions, shutdown, cravings, sadness, and rage. Create your own unique "Neuro Maps" as you understand how to befriend your nervous system.

Phase 3: Sync

Tie it all together and solidify habits for sustainable results. Combine Mandy's expertise and experience and, more importantly, your innate wisdom to create personalized "Cycle Maps." You'll finally have clarity on how to nourish, move, ground, and connect in way that's most effective for YOU and only you. 

Phase: Sustain

Graduate from PMDD Reset with a plan to welcome your monthly cycle, month after month. Learn how to dig deeper to explore your unique root causes and what data you need to bring your recovery to the next level. Leave with skills to sustain your newfound progress, plus strategies to recalibrate if symptoms resurface in the future.  

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Work with your body, not against it.

Each phase includes four essential components for a comprehensive approach. 


Use food-as-medicine with PMDD-specific meal balance, menu planning, and supplement education. Fuel with confidence.


Ground and strengthen with strength workouts and meditations created with you in mind. Your brain and body will thank you. 


24/7 access to our online community where you can be seen, heard, and supported in taking action. 


Befriend your nervous system and your cycle by applying the science of polyvagal theory and the art of menstrual cycle awareness.  

What my clients are saying...

These Warriors said "enough is enough" and sought out support to piece together their PMDD puzzle. From all walks of life, they arrived at similar destinations: living in harmony with their monthly cycle. I know that might feel hard to believe right now. 

All of these stories began much like yours. They are each unique, but they're not unicorns. Recovery is within reach for you, too.


My PMDD symptoms were so bad that it was deteriorating my quality of life. During my luteal phase I was highly irritable, anxious, had severe cravings, brain fog, and was overwhelmed and hopeless. Working with Mandy has changed my life. She has helped me feel better than I have felt in YEARS. Most of all, I feel more like myself.


I was struggling immensely with PMDD. I felt like I was running out of options. The biggest fear was that it was another treatment option that would not help me. After working with Mandy, I have my life back. I'm not depressed and my suicidal ideation is pretty much nonexistent now. I feel motivated and excited to live my life. 


I felt miserable. I was unable to carry on a normal social life. I didn't have the knowledge or data to figure out what was going on with my body or the tools to solve the issues. Only after working with Mandy was I able to make the changes necessary. I am so much happier. "Good days" are the norm. 


Before working with Mandy, I was severely depressed and misdiagnosed. I felt on the edge of mental and physical collapse. I was finally diagnosed with PMDD but couldn't find specialized help. I finally found Mandy. I can now function well at work, at home, and with my family and friends. I'm a changed person!


Before working with Mandy, I was dealing with PMDD on my own. I decided to work with her because she knows exactly what I'm going through and doesn't sugarcoat the hard stuff. I'm finally taking action. After 1 month, my symptoms reduced by 50%! Lay it all on the table and TRUST that this will help.


I had been struggling with my gut health, energy, and weight for years. I also have a diagnosis of PCOS and PMDD and had difficulty with any weight loss. I'm a skeptic by nature. I've tried diets and seen doctors without success. Turns out to be the best investment in myself. I never would have believed I could. 

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Complete relief requires a comprehensive approach. 

It took me years of seeing multiple doctors and therapists, 10 years of combined education and training, and even medical leave to piece together my PMDD puzzle. But it shouldn't have to take that long. That's why I created PMDD Revealed, with everything I wish I would have known and the exact tools I needed when I was in the thick of it. We combine the science behind the physiology of PMDD with the art of menstrual cycle awareness for a 360-degree approach to lasting relief. 

Phase 1: Stabilize

Make strategic changes to lay the foundation and gain immediate traction towards relief. No generic PMS advice here. Gain confidence as you implement changes specific to PMDD physiology with REALISTIC tools designed by Warriors FOR Warriors like you who are still in the eye of the storm. 

Module 1

Meet Your Menstrual Cycle

Learn the phases of your menstrual cycle and how hormones influence mood, energy, productivity, and creativity. We'll cover what's normal, and what's not, and how to track your cycle in a a whole new way. You'll also take a baseline assessment to track symptoms and progress throughout the program. 

Module 2

Balanced Plate, Balanced Brain

Stabilize your mood and boost energy by balancing your plate. Learn how to shop, prep, and eat to maximize nutrition at least 80% of the time (because 100% perfection is not required.) Troubleshoot how to stay the course with changing motivation and energy levels throughout the menstrual cycle. 

Module 3

Food-as-Medicine + Supplements

Discover how to power your plate with therapeutic foods to crank up stabilizing antioxidant production in your body. We'll also explore where supplements might be needed to fill in the gaps. Learn which supplements you might need, what to try first, and which ones to toss in the trash. 

Phase 2: Soothe

Discover new ways to cope in the moment when facing intense emotions and symptoms. Create your own unique "Neuro Maps" as you understand how to befriend your nervous system. Bio-hack your mood, menstrual cycle, symptoms, and sleep with our gut-brain-hormone approach. 

Module 4

Meet your Nervous System

Soothe with practical skills to increase your biological and mental resilience, no matter what time of the month. We go beyond generic stress management and sleep tips. Instead, we translate PMDD-specific research about our stress response into daily micro habits... because self-care shouldn't be another stressor.

Module 5

Intuitive Eating, Evolved

Intuitive eating can feel out of reach when we feel like we can't trust our intuition! Explore the root cause of emotional eating and cravings to restore a healthy relationship with food. Resolve the biological causes of cravings while tuning into your emotional needs and tending to the nervous system. Willpower not required.

Module 6

Tame the Inflammatory Flame

Inflammation impacts the brain and the body. Tame the flame by adding foods that support digestion and balance the histamine-hormone connection. Plus, stop adding fuel to the inflammatory fire by strategically removing potential culprits short-term to experiment with what foods work best for you. 

Phase 3: Sync

Tie it all together and solidify habits for sustainable results. Create personalized "Cycle Maps." You'll finally have clarity on how to nourish, move, ground, and connect in way that's most effective for YOU and only you. 

Module 7

The Art of Cycle Awareness 

We are cyclical beings living in a non-cyclical world. Explore the natural rhythm of your menstrual cycle and what that means for work, relationships, social calendars, and more. Tap into the power of menstruation by learning how to stop fighting yourself and start listening to your true inner needs. 

Module 8

Cycle Syncing to Nourish & Move

Discover how hormonal changes influence our nutrition and movement needs. You'll learn how to optimize your plate to support these cyclical changes and how to intuitively change up your exercise and movement to sync with your cycle. This can reduce symptoms and maximize the benefits of the effort you're putting in. 

Module 9

Cycle Syncing to Ground & Connect

Do you find yourself thinking, "Why I can't keep up"? We bust societal stigmas about productivity and pushing through. Learn how to tune in to and respond to your changing needs throughout the month. Learn how to set up your calendar for more meaningful connection with others, without sacrificing yourself. 

Phase 4: Sustain

Graduate with a plan to welcome your monthly cycle. Learn how to dig deeper to explore your unique root causes and what data you need to bring your recovery to the next level. Leave with skills to sustain your newfound progress, plus strategies to recalibrate if symptoms resurface in the future. 

Module 10

Explore Your Root Cause

We'll explore underlying factors that may impact your mood and hormones long-term like digestion, genetics, histamine intolerance, and hormonal imbalances. If any stubborn symptoms remain, you'll know your very next step to dig deeper and resolve your root cause, once and for all.  

Module 11

Survive vs. Thrive

Outline the essential habits to sustain your progress so you can keep moving forward. We'll answer all of your questions about the "What ifs" so you can cast doubt aside and trust in yourself and your body that it can maintain this new homeostasis. Plus, create a written plan of how to recalibrate if symptoms resurface. 

Module 12

Re-assess & Reflect

We'll re-assess your progress by comparing your baseline assessment to now. Reflect on your progress and share what  you envision for your next chapter as you reclaim your life. We will celebrate each other's successes as a group and provide space for anyone who wants to share more of their story. 

This is not just an educational course.  

Don't get me wrong... you will learn a lot. But education doesn't equal transformation.

That's why everything you'll learn will be translated into action with resources and tools.

I'm ready. Let's talk

It takes a village.

That's why we've invited guest experts like Clinical Psychologists & relationship coaches as well as Kundalini, Mindfulness, and fitness teachers to join us. They all have their own personal journey with PMDD and menstrual cycle challenges. Even Mandy's right-hand gal Zoe has a history of PMDD. We get it!

BONUS: Guest Experts

We host deep dive workshops with experts like Clinical Psychologists,  Relationship Communication Experts, Trauma Practitioners, Cyclical Fitness Influencers, and more. Get your questions answered live plus you’ll have access to all past workshops and any future workshops, forever.

$300 Value

BONUS: Mindful Movement

"Your issues get stuck in your tissues." Movement is essential to support the nervous system and move through emotions. You’ll have access to on-demand Kundalini yoga and progressive strength workouts so you can pick and choose movement that matches your nervous system needs.

$300 Value

BONUS: Nervous System Toolbox

You don’t need more self-care items on your to-do list. You need relief in the moment. That's why we include on-the-go tools that you can pick-and-choose depending on your emotion or nervous system state. You'll immediately feel safer in your cycle knowing that you know how to support yourself.

$300 Value

Are we a match?

We believe that each person discovers exactly what they need at just the right point in their journey. We're hoping you're here for a reason. 

We're a match made in heaven if...

  • You have PMDD/PME or strongly suspect that you do and symptoms are negatively affecting your life. 
  • You're ready to create your own personalized roadmaps with expert guidance and support, as you learn along the way.
  • You take responsibility for your progress and understand that no program will work unless you do. Perfection not required!
  • You know who to contact on your healthcare team should you need medical intervention.
  • You're willing to respectfully engage with the group to learn from and support one another.   

It might not be the right time if...

  • You're not ready to make changes or explore strategies to overcome the barriers to change in your life. 
  • You're currently experiencing crisis and you feel at risk. Please visit here for resources for crisis support. 
  • You're the partner or loved one of someone suffering with PMDD. The individual must willingly register and feel ready. 
  • You're not sure if you'd feel comfortable within a group or would prefer only working 1-on-1. Schedule a call to chat about that.
  • You're a course creator or professional wanting to learn. This is for those who are actively involved in their own healing.

Stop losing countless days to PMDD. 

Click below to ask a question. Or let's chat it out together on a video call so we can map out your path forward.

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My Commitment to You 

Let's be real. PMDD is a beast. Everyone responds differently, or sometimes not at all, to treatments. You may be thinking, "What makes this any different?" 

And you're right: There's no magic cure or quick fix. But with a data-driven and root-cause approach, recovery IS possible.

I have an unyielding obsession for combining research and functional medicine science with the psychology of behavior change. I commit to bringing you evidence-based strategies with the tools to implement the changes in your life in a realistic and sustainable way. 

In the PMDD Reset group coaching program, you'll discover how to create your personalized protocol so that you can live the life you desire!

Meet the Team

It's time to...

...understand your symptoms and how to decode them from a root-cause perspective?

You'll track your progress along the way so you can see your symptoms reduce month-after-month. 

...have built a toolbox full of skills to both plan ahead and cope in the moment without losing your sh*t?

You no longer have to fear your luteal phase because you know which tools to use and when. 

...stop feeling like you have to restart and get back on track every month?

You know how to nourish your body with a flexible relationship with food and meal prep like a pro with simple and sustainable skills.

...have personalized roadmaps to navigate every phase of your menstrual cycle?

You'll confidently take steps to reduce symptoms while honoring your changing needs, gifts, and strengths throughout each phase. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

More questions?

Are you ready to go from living in fear...

to living in flow?

I know it can feel both exciting and scary to consider a new approach.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and spend a moment envisioning yourself in the future, liberated from these severe symptoms.

What are you doing? What do you see? What do you feel? What would be possible?

You are worthy of care, just as you are today... right now. Will you show up for yourself?  

Talk to you soon!    ~Mandy

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